Prescription Info

The medical prescription is of utmost importance for the treatment and well-being of the patient. It depends on the physician’s knowledge about the different properties and formulations of Medical Cannabis Products. Dosage is dependent on the type of extract, the route of administration and the dose indicated.

There are no defined therapeutic protocols in the medical literature for the use of Medical Cannabis. The optimal dose for a given patient is achieved by titration from the lowest starting values. In some cases, the minimum dose may be the best dose for that patient.

When considering adults who will be starting treatment, the medical literature recommends a starting dose between 5 to 25mg/day of CBD (with or without THC, usually present in formulations at 0.3%). For children, a small equation can be used: 1mg/kg/day multiplied by the patient’s weight and divided by the cannabidiol concentration of the product determined by the prescriber. The maximum doses are quite variable from individual to individual, however there are reports in the literature of using up to 1500 mg of CBD a day without presenting toxicity.

As for the type of prescription to be used, it is usually the ordinary white paper prescription book, with no need to be for controlled substances, according to the compassionate model based on RDC 660/2022 (which replaced the old RDC 335/2020). In this case, the prescription must be registered with Anvisa along with the patient’s data – you can find the Electronic Form in the Federal Government Services Portal – and receive authorization to import the Product. After the procedures, the Product takes about 15 to 20 days to be delivered at home or at the address informed by the patient. To prescribe and purchase Medical Cannabis Products in pharmacies and drugstores in the country, it is necessary to use the blue paper or yellow paper controlled prescriptions based on the RDC 327/2019, pharmaceutical template. Patients buy the medicine directly from the pharmacy of their trust.

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