About Us

Our Mission

The Associação Pan-americana de Medicina Canabinoide [Pan American Association of Cannabinoid Medicine] (APMC) was created with the purpose of bringing together Physicians expert in cannabinoid medicine, to further provide the progress and dissemination of knowledge among medical professionals.

We seek to carry out studies and investigations in the field and to promote events, congresses, courses, fairs, workshops, seminars, symposiums, and workshops. We aim to stimulate the techniques and concepts about the medical benefits that can come from the better regulation of cannabinoid medicine.

We give support to the formulation, implementation and execution of public and private policies and scientific and social actions, which aim at regulation, to guarantee and preserve the rights of patients who make medical use of Cannabis sativa.

Our Work

The APMC, which covers the entire American continent, seeks to be the reference of information to Physicians of all specialties and to Medical Students, by creating guidelines and other materials in three different languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), to provide the basis for Physician’s follow-up of patients under treatment with Cannabis products.

The APMC headquarters are in Brazil, in the City of Santo André, on the campus of the Faculdade de Medicina ABC [ABC School of Medicine] (FMABC), where we have daily support from medical students and hold weekly meetings with the committees of each medical specialty, to align information, discuss news and debate priority issues.

Besides the scientific support, we also offer a bridge between physicians and patients, making available in a practical and filtered way the list of associated physicians, so that patients can easily find a physician closer to their region.

Executive Board

About the APMC Board


Rubens Wajnsztejn

Neurologist, Assistant Professor of Neurology at FMABC


Murielle Urzêda

Psychiatrist and Orthomolecular Physician with an Integrative approach


Ruda Alessi

Neurologist, Affiliate Professor in the Neurology Subject at FMABC

Scientific Director

Flavio Geraldes Alves

Assistant Neuro Pediatrician and Coordinator of the Autism Clinical Research Sector at FMABC

Advisory Council

About the APMC advisory council


Ana Gabriela Hounie



Sergio Mendes Garrido



Raquel Peyraube



Maria Fernanda Arboleda



Paola Cubillos



Orlando Carreño Moreno



About the APMC committees

International Committee: Argentina

Integrante(s): Estela Rodríguez, Sergio Mendes Garrido e Valeria Muro

International Committee: Chile

Integrante(s): Verónica Burón

International Committee: Colombia

Integrante(s): Paola Cubillos

International Committee: Mexico

Integrante(s): Carlos G. Aguirre Velázquez e Maria Fernanda Arboleda

International Committee: Paraguay

Integrante(s): Alicia Aldana Amabile

International Committee: Uruguay

Integrante(s): Alfredo Cerisola

Committee for Pain

Integrante(s): Giuliana Ribas, Maria Teresa Jacob , Wanderli Carvalho e Pedro Antonio Pierro Neto

Committee for Geriatrics

Integrante(s): Fabio Campos Leonel, Giuliano Robba Asola, Vera Lucia Soibelman, Filipe Tavares Gusman

Committee for Integrative Medicine

Integrante(s): Guilherme Marques dos Santos, Gustavo Vieira Dias, Paula Pileggi Vinha and Helio Mororó Vieira de Melo

Committee for Neurology

Integrante(s): Antônio de Souza Andrade Filho, Flávio Henrique de Rezende Costa, Flavio Augusto Sekeff Sallem e Gabriel de Castro Micheli

Committee for Child Neurology

Integrante(s): Camila Exposto, Daniela Fontes Bezerra, Enio Galli Ferlin, Rafael Guerra Cintra

Committee for Oncology

Integrante(s): Cristiano de Abreu Amorim Fernandes, Denise Lembo, Rodrigo Sacchi e Paula B. Dall'Stella

Committee for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Integrante(s): José Wilson Nunes Vieira de Andrade, Ricardo Tardini e Silvio Brandão Conte

Committee for Pediatrics

Integrante(s): Bruna Cappellano Casacchi, Camila Milagres Macedo Pereira e Rafaela Rodrigues Coppo

Committee for Psychiatrics

Integrante(s): Estácio Amaro da Silva Junior, Eduardo Perin, Maria Carmen Viana , Wilson da Silva Lessa Júnior e Ana Hounie

University Committee

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